Advanced Bat To Exe Converter 4.05 License Key


Advanced Bat To Exe Converter 4.05 Nulled Free Download New Version With License Key. advanced bat


EXE Converter was designed to create an .EXE file from .BAT format It is a powerful tool. Application’s interface, is a standard window with a simple layout. You can use either the file browser or method of “drag and drop” You can load a batch file.


is in your advanced bat to Exe Converter is, by inserting some of the command line, converting a .BAT file executable file, to such as to manipulate the behavior of .EXE before you, you can set the number of options.

Advanced BAT EXE converter integrates two wizards for commands and graphics. In addition, search and replace you in together, cut, copy, you can use the Paste, and return to the original function. In addition, the application provides the details of the logs that can be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

main features are as follows.

  • user of the batch file script, it does not allow you to change / display the code after it has been encrypted by the compiler.
  • actions that are performed by the script can be a secret.
  • Compiled with advanced .BAT into .EXE converter

  • executable file, in order to acquire a 8.1 64-bit, it will work with all versions of Windows from Windows 98.
  • has a built-in editor.
  • allows you to mouse input for your batch file.
  • , select the icon of the executable file for the professional appearance.
  • in order to protect the secrets of your code, to encrypt the source of the batch file.
  • in order to run the generated a .EXE, is a stand-alone file that does not require any .DLL or .NET framework.
  • EXE converter

Overall, the advanced BAT is almost consumes resources, is quite a powerful utility. It is not possible to put a strain on your computer’s performance, you have a good response time. For Advanced BAT to EXE Converter inspiration from you, show some of the batch example, it also includes a comprehensive help file that describes all of the available command line.