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AO Creator – Creator for Pokémon – Celadon Software Ltd. Cracked for iPhone Free Download Now New Full Working Version. Free Points.



until now supported version 11.0

They did not you want to know

From the creators of the original cheat app that secret came back

: ! ! PokéBuilder


you, we you are frequently updated, incredibly function can be expected of, because it is the original creator, SD card reader

is required !

, you can create a QR code!

directly from the upload of you iOS device

Alpha Omega creators you to 3DS and 2DS game you can create any of the Pokemon from the beginning

in the next edit so! Seed •

• abilities
• Nature’s
• held item
Move •
• Statistics
• poke ball
• all of the other!

for the practice of monsters only, we can not promise you will do it to the tournament with these monsters. However, I can promise that you have a lot of fun and they


3DS from the system software version 9.0 to 11.0, 2DS, 3DS XL, the new 3DS and new 3DS XL
SD card reader
Mac and PC


this app is for iOS, operating in our companion app “AO creator” for the 3DS self-made, all of the mobile code is characteristic of celadon software. Free is an open platform for the community to develop their own applications for the 3DS, which was developed by the self-made menu Smealum. Below Check it out: Browserhax has been developed by Yellows8, this exploit is, in your own menu as intended it is used to access.

poke Builder is the intellectual property of the current Sprockit app, celadon software is original content owner that was created in November 2012,
is 3DS AO Creator is use the code has been changed from PCHex to, the original source was able to find here. or here: https: // The modifications include, but are not limited to, the IP address identification of the login user name and password from our server, directly exchange Pokemon injection, to change the default from the description and the app icon replaced by a slot 930 0. AO Creator for the source code of the 3DS can be downloaded from here: This app has not been approved or supported by the Pokémon Company, it 100% unofficial. Pokemon,

The Pokémon Company, is a trademark of Nintendo of subsidiaries.


Customer Reviews

low expensive and reliability

[-1 star]
Buy in the app is too expensive. To unlock each generation of $ 0.99 ≦ $ 2.99 additional for each event Pokemon? Uh … I’m so far, has supported this app, it is a little ridiculous.
I (yes, you will need to purchase the IAP in order to access the Pokemon other than the sixth generation) has been bought most of the separate regions, it has been turning just grab the money at this point to.

[-1 star]
This is an update 11.0, this app, it took the entire summer in order to equalize. There will be another 3DS update immediately. So what? I’m not in vain to like my money
is of support are not in a few days.
decent work after initial setup (it takes forever), but I myself, because it is no longer working, find repeating the often setup.

[-1 star]
Please bring the following features BACK.
legal mode, would it be nice if you can have the option of electric vehicles to the maximum when you are turned off as in previous version. I, we also, without having to turn off the legal mode, in all, you hate that you can not do it now.

In addition to all of these negative, it does not work. Mandarin orange. Sometimes. They will help and developers when you feel like it.

all-in-one all, it is really worth, but, nevertheless, is not a nice attempt. By

is it love

I love this app, I Pokemon custom-making is I love only
I (I first have a 3DS models), it is and I’m often on my DS, which was not able to get over the house my ds is quite made frozen for a while uninstall than the problem There are menu I re-installed when you install it, it is still looking at the solutions I also online that failed to work, nothing of the latest did not help my DS thing because it is (11.0), before I mad, I do not have that there were any problems with it, the first time I have I have a Furret shiny, when you use this app, I’m by little princess love cause I am very happy about it

pretty good

it is inconvenient, but there is no bug I of considering the song $ 1.29 $ 2.99 in iTunes. Great for personal entertainment, but the people of worry, you can hack place a Pokemon through the trading of the wireless LAN. The entire app is pretty decent. Setting I is not only you, in order to create a legal-ish Pokemon, made it where it is possible to choose the legal movement and the ability of the Pokemon that created by moving back and forth from the application or the Internet browser I hope that there was.