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Backflip Madness, fast-paced, extreme sports game of parkour flavor. Your goal is simple – to create a ton of spectacular tricks and stunts. Extremely take it

– Multiple backflips and location
– Parkour / Free running acrobatics
– Realistic physics
– track record, Sharon and leader board (game Center)!
– 3 difficulty levels
– action replay
– Normal and ninja costume

Customer Reviews

by , but the game great, is a little difficult

Hello I, I am 8 years old play this game, every day I am very enjoy this is it I it is brought to me is the fourth level, it too is very difficult, many I’m can not be very difficult and I think you all of the best games that I that could not be obtained look I can depreciation you make a little easy level for the app get over it things, you it is easy to master this game, in order to overcome all levels, level up the dream Although it is possible to make in order to, it is still to please update if the very will be fun to play with is seriously easy to make at the level 4 of the top a little, it is I think it will get my last jump and, me 19459007 [you are a beginner is actually the game is to do very difficult I mean able to get beyond the fourth level that I have never been able to overcome becomes angry when you do not do it It leads to cool it easy to level that playing it, I just hard it is very too, it is if people think it is very difficult very difficult to reach a very difficult level for me If, it because really when it comes to cool I might also break] my cell phone is really really difficult,

good not only to how better


So, this game is fun. But, also, it will start very too hard off. Another is that the port 1 is still wrong! Saying the prot of! Why, I had not been this Fix! thats a minor complaint, seriously, it does not make sense yet as to why there. After it anymore you have to exit the game, but you can for a while, it is possible to play with the free play, it is very quickly bored! Then this game is not very bland basically, will be repeated. It does not have the capacity for regeneration. In addition, it for the new players can help you zoom in and out to find a place that you are trying to land in such a way that it in the guessing game, or of does not tell you, if you have enough fail since the start all the way over to have, in one wrong guess, you can make it. In addition, one form of backflips is, can not seem to use. I find a place where it worked of couldnt. The plate 1 and I was not able to get all the way around. So that you more than all the fun for a bit. And also, it will be a bore fest frustrating.

by wrong want from

This is, all of the time my favorite app is. I App Store from being installed on my first-generation iPod touch, has been app fanaticism. It is the appropriate amount of fun and frustration. Level you get a sense of you are getting better definitely While it is difficult. It’s perfect. Exactly what I wanted in the app. However, if you read the reviews, I please read the number of quite that gave the 5-star instead of 4 due to a limited number of levels (at this point there is a 8). Because it is exactly what to do app, however, they must be of five-star reviews. You please do so much fun that you want only the more it. I do’ve played this game for a few months, I do not get tired yet. It would be that a new level is better, but because they are wanted more than just, you have to downgrade reviews based not make your consumer decision-making.