Book GOD is ONE


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God greatness of this book is all of the major religions of the scriptures (Qur’an, contains references from the Christian Bible “humbly God and honor of faith is is the fear of God, will be the satisfaction “1, the Jewish Bible and the Vedas). Read this book, it would be to let you know –
• the major religions of the world (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism)
• God is not free of any of the partners mentioned in all of the major religions
• Alcohol is prohibited in all of the major religions
• Create and Messenger, more and more of “O mankind of concept!, He is 1 made the earth bed for you, and you is an empty roof, the people who were in front of you you like is reverent then, your Lord, worship when you know, is sent down water from the sky, and then, as a provision for you, brought the fruit described in it. So, we set the similarities to God please do not.”