Custom Divi Builder Modules (Image size selection) (WordPress) Nulled


Codecanyon Custom Divi Builder Modules (Image size selection) (WordPress) Nulled Free Download New Version.

custom to Divi builder to be used in functional overview of

, enhanced Divi Add a builder module. Page

  1. blurb
  2. card
    • selection of the image size
    • Materials Design Card Style
  3. Gallery
  4. image
  5. people (team members)
  6. post slider
  7. slider
  8. customers the voice of
  9. em header
  10. full-width image
  11. em post slider
  12. full-width slider
is [
    selection of Features
  1. image size of
    • is crop the image to a desired size (image size, in this way increase decrease the page load time of)
    • is
    • Add the width and height of the image tag.


  1. `/ WP- content / plugin /` upload a `custom Divi builder -modules.php` to directory
  2. [19459009toenabletheplug-insthroughthe] word “plug-in” menu of the press


  3. module is newly added and enhanced module in the Divi Builder are located in the module selection screen withint

please enjoy Divi builder using the


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