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so you will not miss the moment, simple, reliable, fun designed to –

Duo calls the app for everyone, it is a one-to-one video.


a simple interface
simple interface to bring the video to the forefront, calling one of the contacts in one tap,

high quality experience and faster than [。あなたはのWi-Fiや外出するかどうか19459007] video, more reliable video calls,.

cross platform
video, in just one simple app, you call all your friends on the smartphone.

* There is a case where data charges may apply. For more information, please check your career.

Customer Reviews

for all of the phone Basically FaceTime! by

When both parties to download the appropriate app, easy-to-use. Difficult is to find people who have the app installed without shelling them with the choice of the “invitation” of irritation. This will determine whether to take off.



Google is to answer to FaceTime apple, step it up! Cross compatibility has the best of both worlds. However, the program (using a Wi-Fi) that here a program is new to perform the lug requires some adjustments probably performed. Over all, to work in a simple and solid.

but Pretty simple, is it good? I do not know; / by

why (no with or video) a lot of need for many like a chat app. Skype is, of FaceTime, of WhatsApp, of Viber, messenger, hang out, such as … call between users of all these different applications, such as, you can do video chat / group to develop an app It will focus. After that, I will praise you.

By the way … is it painful to view the contacts. Shortcuts and the different characters, you already need to skip the ability to filter the people who have the G.Duo. (That I do not intend to use it …)