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# 1 music video of the community. *** it creates a fun great videos is easy, you can impress your friends. Simply select a sound, start a lip sync! Anyone can be wonderful and singer! ***

– Choose from millions of tracks, using the music from your own device
– a lip-sync video to your favorite songs create.
is – to add a cool video effects. A filter, fast motion, slow motion, the passage of time, reverse, and other effects
of “time machine” – to impress your friends, of Instagram to get the same kind, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Share your videos of WhatsApp, and in the Vine!
– save the video to your camera roll
– discovered the brilliant music video that has been created by the community
– to get the same kind from community, your music video, please refer to how to rank on the leader board.

every day, it is equipped with the best musical (music video). Now it is a star !!!

all of the feedback? In Asked whether, do not use the

your @musicallyapp tweet * is available for download preview

* is 8.0 or later of iOS is required

iTunes of API please out. iPhone, iPad, and corresponds to the iPod touch. And iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, optimized for the iPhone 6S. It is not fine-tune the performance of this app on the iPhone 4 or earlier iOS device. By

Customer Reviews

This app has become my nerves

I was the first to musically great app when you got it. No bug is all was not normal. When I got to update it, it is until today, had many problems. I love music it can not do me a complete video, when it is you want to do only half of it, it is from time to time, but just me on this, I do not know. I even when I finished listening to music, and music is going to love the account of someone who will play in the background. Because to us it may not be the end of the experience to deal with, often I will crash musically. I do not have a reason idea, but it is not. As you can see people does not have a very good experience with your app, it is always fixed before you do an update, it will be best to make all.

by I it was used to love must be read in the musical

[OK] since the, I I why phone number is music that do not know my friend you are I will not be able to skip find through the contact is not necessary to me and do not want to use my mom I I even now that will be used in order to love it intill today to say that today it must be done to find through the’ll contact not going to you can you put a skip I you are has , I do not know my password and my word hard intill! ? All of my hard work can be like nothing! This means that if I have to connect with friends, do I have there in numbers, I do not send in going I am connected with my friends What are you going to do how to e-mail anymore , of school friends, I will be talking to the cause of the only school is not talk, but I now or else I will have to evaluate the 1, you need to skip placed above via a contact I had there and then!


this new Update

I, and had musicaly from March this year I love it, it is’s amazing, they just today to update it, it is through the contact, is a new discovery. I also my account in I can not get you will not be able to look at what now, it has been pasted on the screen. So I to remove and then reinstall it, I can log in again, it has been doing the same thing! It is very frustrating! 😡