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Rio 2016 Olympic Games! – OFFICIAL MOBILE game

the most famous sporting events of the world, Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Please to experience the Olympic magic in the palm of your hand

Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Easy a fun and enjoyable game with a control ■ game features

is a simple, yet engrossing 6 match – Sport, archery, skeet, basketball, soccer, tennis, and please enjoy the table -tennis
in the swipe of a finger
International Olympic Committee from the game that has received the official license ■
participate in the world’s largest sporting event -. In the magic city of Rio de · Janerio, Brazil

■ play the game! Come and compete with other players from all over the world!
Let’s participation in the Olympic Games. Victory and glory can be yours!

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Customer Reviews

it by a great game

I like the fact that you can play in the Olympics like you just Rio, just like a real life represent your country. Event is pretty fun, but you need to make it more difficult one of basketball. Since you want to add a defense, your opponent, and you need to you can be defensively ply for the same thing for soccer. I not only you to play offense, but I think should be able to, defense to your opponent for football and basketball games. You are far away to get, because many of you advance of more distant, other events otherwise as archery game is difficult is wonderful and challenging enough. Skeet event, many more you can target more quickly, has been challenged is progressing in the game to go in a more distant. In addition, tennis and table tennis games are good. I so you can control pretty well your player racket / paddle, I think that one of the tennis and table tennis events should not be changed. In addition, I will be able to control the location where you want to you hit the ping-pong ball / tennis ball. I only thing you wish to add, I thing you need to do more difficult it, is what has been said before basketball, about football. I also, if you can, like this track, swimming, I would like to add a lot of events, such as gymnastics. I think I might find it easier to add the swimming and track, you are swimmer / runner is fast fast you are, you can make go in a way that you tap the screen.

It’s okay is … old to get quick


, the first [OK] a .. but boredom quickly gets. Of the event some time later, never ridiculously may also not difficult to get or difficult. Actually quickly become boring

they will deceive you to say that you can compete with other people around the world. In addition to that you only conflicts are comparing the medal, it plays a version of other people’s AI. People people need to get a life, in .. game that note, it so actually appear, with

is 5-star more than 400 medal after a time that has been released giving by There was

cool game, some of the problem

Therefore, this the game It is very fun, and to play, is cool to act like your Olympic. It is cool to get a medal and compete with real people. This is also the Olympic Games is a child of the way !!!!!

some of the problem. One is, you have a only 5 mind, it is even if you win, you only have a five to play before running out of mind, it is 25 minutes to get one heart It is consuming means. Another problem is, in just six games there, is that they are super easy. And it’s boring after a while. You are, however, you should not be get the app.