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Twilio simple click-to-call is, with the click of a button, you to convert the Web traffic to communicate directly by telephone It allows the company. In a simple form to your web page, it is possible to enter a phone number, and just click the “Call”, the entered number is sent to the single and multiple user features also uploaded in CSV format you will receive a call.It you have to provide a message.

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Let’s go to the next step necessary to achieve the Twilio call by a simple click on the web site:

  management who sends a Web form that contains the phone number to make a call.  
  Twilio receives the request and initiate a call to the user's phone number.  
  The user receives a call.  


  to clean install and uninstall. Direct contact via a voice call. The back-end interface for managing the import CSV in sends a message to the single and multiple number Twilio credentials. Success calls can be displayed for each call log. The error log can be displayed on a call-by-call basis.  

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