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Warmlight significantly, easy-to-use camera and photo editing tools. It allows you to take an extended image editing parameters of access to the shots and great likely a result of the professional.

to adjust the image like a pro, easy to share your work, take a stunning shot, and apply the live filter.

* smart focus and exposure control – set, before taking a shot, and adjust them manually: is designed for the perfect shot
1. Camera and
in the Point object and then tap the 2 screen. Tap to move the focus, control the exposure to adjust them
3. Set the focus to the object, tap the controls to enable, to adjust it
* Warmlight default photo app support of the extension: Adjust apply the designer of filters, overlay, any image from gallery to
* extended photo editing tools: adjust shadow / highlight, contrast, tint, more

– using either the front or back of the camera, full screen or square the take
– than use intelligent exposure control for a good shot
– manually adjust the focus
is – use so you have enough time to be displayed on each photo 3 or 10 seconds timer, you take
– while taking pictures in order to save the time to edit, to apply live effects, do not miss your precious moments

– professional photo filters
please enjoy – Perfect the image in the overlay of artistic designers
– brightness, warmth, contrast, by adjusting shadow, the other parameters , make a final touch
– right without interruption

to edit the image in Photos app with a share.
– to save the image, the Instagram is, and share it to Facebook. Please follow us on Instagram at @warmlight_app, if you want featured add #warmlight hash tag!

New features in version 2.0



is, Warmlight team for this update, we worked a lot of things in order to enhance the functionality of the app] – of expanding filter collection: you please check the new great filters that have been created in order to perfect the photos.
– added value of the editing tools of the numerical value;
– The application is currently Germany support, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Russian , Turkish, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Vietnamese,

for Poland iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus owner good news – the app has been optimized for today’s quick action . –
immediately to select the image for Peek and pop features and editing used in the app gallery preview,

; the function of the essential apps that touch to use 3D app icon quickly get.

Customer Reviews

wife. By Wings

love! ! ! I is close enough to have some of the apps that provide the same function or, none easy as quickly or in the same only.
warm do not have enough time when the photo is the expected course ….. all of them important opportunity you are grateful to you your family and friends to you one day this app will save …… your life while you are grateful to light. By I highly recommend it

Great for adding a light

usually, too dark would great for taking pictures in places. You, edit photos after they have been shot, instead of all of the standard camera, (for example, if you are going to take a picture at the bar / restaurant, do not use the flash) that you use the I can. Very useful!

There is no excitement.


does not impressed at all. What is provided in this app, no doubt, can be done in other apps for free. I think you can edit the video, I purchased this app. No, just photos. I, they saw the Facebook add-on that looked really like were editing the video. Maybe I just look at the fast it is too, it is without a little more research, I clicked to buy this. Anyway … yeah … stupid just a bunch of filters and overlays. Oh yeah, it can saturate you with bright. Wow … B / C I of the iPhone does not have that function already for free😑