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variation master makewebbetter for WooCommerce. It is, the buyer is able to be able to change the variations that you selected in the cart page, also, it can be added to colorand image swatch, to enable the management to addmultiple gallery image for each variation, visitors variation when you select, in their galleryimages without, will appear as the main gallery image gallery image of the product, variations master, you have complete control to change the settings for each variation, the administrator, color andimage you can disable easily with global settings featuresadmin the sample, it can be for all of the variations are easy to export / import fluctuation galleryimages and color and image sample management very easy to use a specific variation in order, it is possible to change the image of thecolor / swatch of products of a particular variable, you can show / hide the attribute name.

  • administrator, you can add more than one gallery image for each variation.
  • administrator, you can add the attributes of color and image color swatch.
  • administrator, you can add color and image color sample of custom attributes for each variation.
  • administrator, you can use a combination of both of the “Select” and “color swatch of color and image.”
  • simple export / import for variations gallery image.
  • easily export / import for the attributes of colors and images sample.
  • variation customize sensible colors and images swatch. Buyer of
  • will allow you to change the variations that you selected in the cart page.
  • module wise control of each function from a single page.

variation customize

  • not only the drop-down of color andimage sample and the product detail page Please replace the variation of, to add a gallery image to each of the variations you.
  • Add / update of colors and images sample for each global attribute
  • to add the colors and images sample of / update each variable product.

is to add the gallery image for

each product variation, these images will be displayed in the selected variation of the product detail page.

update cart variation

in order to update the product variations on the cart page that allows the user

Export / Import

  • export / import, attribute the color swatch of color and image.
  • Export / import gallery image for each product variation.

Easy Installation

automatic installation, WordPress, to process the file transfer itself, the easiest option as there is no need to close the Web browser is as follows procedure of some

is as follows.

    , go to the plug-in menu to log in to the WordPress dashboard, to perform the automatic installation and then click 19,459,027],
  1. .
  2. Click the “upload plug-in” button.
  3. Click the

  4. “Browse” button, navigate to the downloaded “variation-master.zip” file, and then click [OK].
  5. The most important, of course, you will be able to install simply by clicking the “Install Now”.
  6. from being displayed outside of the element that contains it in order to prevent them,

Responsive design

flexible image / content,

browser compatible sex

test in different browsers, because there will compatiblity that in relative units the size

  1. compatibility of Internet Explorer
  2. mozilla of Firefox
  3. chrome
  4. Safari

simple & Easy configuration

to set to Easy latest WordPress is

translation Lady

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theme compatibility of

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